Success Stories

Oswalt HVAC

If you see a cowboy-hat-wearing gentleman with an easy-going manner and he’s working around your HVAC unit, meet Johnny Oswalt. It takes  only a moment of speaking with him to realize that he has the skill and  knowledge to ensure that cool (or warm) air will soon be flowing in your space. When it’s 95+ degrees outside, a normal occurrence in  Memphis, one gains an appreciation for someone with Johnny’s HVAC expertise and experience.

Johnny’s experience began when he worked with his father, years  before attending Moore Technical College. In 1981 Johnny decided to  begin his own HVAC company. He never had to advertise for business.  His good reputation and strong work ethic were spread by word of  mouth. Two of his sons have chosen to continue working in the family  business. They have also had the benefit of gaining knowledge that can only be gleaned from their father’s experience.  

Oswalt HVAC currently occupies a Bell Property space at Burdan Cove which was chosen for its convenient location. Johnny’s relationship with Bill and Wallace Bell began as a request to submit a bid for an insurance claim. He was awarded the job and found the brothers great to work with. This working relationship continues today, and it is based on good faith, value and has resulted in  a win-win situation for over twenty-five years. 

Both Oswalt HVAC (founded in the 1970’s) and Bell Properties (founded in the 1960’s) were started by  fathers with an eye on the future. The sons have all elected to continue in their family businesses. Both companies continue to provide top-notch customer service in the communities they serve.

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