Success Stories

Anthony Kyles’ idea turned into a Business

Have you ever driven down the road and observed the many items individuals and companies throw away? Most of us just drive by and never think about it again. There are some people however, who view these discarded items, see certain items that can be repurposed, and suddenly the idea for a business is born.

Many of Bell Properties’ tenants have seen a need in our community and decided to begin a business to fulfill this need. We are fortunate to have a unique mix of tenants who find the time and are willing to spend a few minutes to discuss their business, how they became one of our tenants, their history, and their future.

This month we are shining the spotlight on a humble and hardworking entrepreneur, Anthony Kyle. A Native Memphian, Anthony drove a truck for many years. The nature of his job included driving throughout the Memphis area. He noticed broken wooden pallets discarded in parking lots, near dumpsters and in alleyways. It seemed a waste to discard these repairable items, necessary in many businesses, especially shipping.

Anthony’s idea turned into a business. He began rebuilding the discarded pallets and selling them to businesses. It was great for businesses in need and it had the bonus of being an environmentally friendly operation. He began working out of his truck and home garage and in around 2 years, Anthony saw the need for much more space than his garage.

In finding a new and larger space, location was important and when Anthony saw what seemed like the perfect space on Cumberland Street being offered by Bell Properties, a partnership was born. He feels his place on Cumberland Street offers just the right environment needed to continue to grow his business. Anthony has expressed the easy relationship he has with Bell Properties and feels confident and safe while working in his Bell Properties Cumberland Street location. The police patrol the area frequently and he said, “It is just a nice, quiet neighborhood.” Anthony also spoke of his need for more space in the future and and we’re confident Bell Properties will be able to meet his needs. We’re happy that Anthony Kyle would like to stay with Bell Properties as his requirement for additional space continues to grow.

Bell Properties is a family business started in the early 1960’s. Today the family still owns and operates their many properties.

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